About Chris

Chris Karabas is a Chicago native.  Having grown up around the restaurant/bar world, he was exposed to a variety of live music.  As a young kid he was hooked on Elvis which made him want to become a performer.  At the age of 9, on a family road trip, he randomly picked up a casette tape at Stucky's truck stop;  Willie Sings Kristoferson.  It was then he realized the power of a well written song.  That tape stayed with him until the format died out (he now has it on his phone)  His love of music remained strong during his childhood but he hadn't done anything more than listen to it. Then, in Jr. High,  he saw Bruce Springsteen live.  He started his first band the next day.

Upon graduating college, Chris went to work for Chicago's top jingle producers.  This gave him exposure to the recording studio and musicians on a daily basis.  He would go on to sing many commercials during those few years: Miller Beer, 7 UP, etc.  Eventually, he heard Nashville calling.  He made a spontaneous decision, one morning, and moved to Nashville the following week.  During his stint in Nashville  he caught the attention of a Polygram label and EMI Music Publishing, where he had the opportunity to write on a daily basis, with other writers, and record demos.  

Ultimately, both deals dried up and Chris moved back to Chicago.  He started a family  and formed a roots rock band called "The Lucky Jackson Band"  which played the chicago circuit for years.  Along with his drummer he started a music school/music venue "The Rock House" where he met 14 year old blues prodigy Will TIlson.   Chris began working with Will and  took him to Nashville to produce a 5 song EP which was released in the Fall of 2014.

 During that session he met legendary session drummer Eddie Bayers.  The two became friends and stayed in touch over the next several months.

While writing the second album for The Lucky Jackson Band, it became apparent the new songs were undeniably country and not rigth for his roots band.   Chris called Eddie and asked if he would help him produce some demos and plug them to some country artists.  The session was a success and immediately 4 of the songs were being taken to the top country recording artists.  However,  Eddie encouraged Chris to release the songs on his own.

 5 of the 8 songs were chosen for the solo debut "Chris Karabas- Love In The Real World"  While Chris is prepping his live shows, in support of the EP, he is continuing to write the follow up EP that he plans to record in Nashville in the Spring of 2015.