Recording is complete for the EP "Love In The Real World"

With the help of some of the most legendary session players in the business, and newcomer Jake Brody, 8 original tracks were recorded and mixed over several days in Nashville.  Chris teamed up with a long lost friend/engineer Pat Holt at Midtown Studios to record the album.  Chris was delighted to find the same mixing board he had recorded with back when he was in Nashville years ago. While the studio is fully digital, many old analog components are integrated into Pat's set up which is what drew Chris to the studio.  "Nashville definately has a "sound" but this studio has a sound from years gone by, and it's because of the vintage gear in there.  Knowing you are recording on some of the same gear Johnny Cash used, is never a bad things." Chris said.

While mixing, it became apparent that 5 songs have a thread that thematically tied them together.    While the other 3 seemed to belong in their own collection of songs.  Chris chose 5 to release as an EP entitled "Love In The Real World"  While Chris preps his band for a string of shows promoting the EP, he is continuing to write the follow up EP that he expects to be finished and released in the Spring of 2015.




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